Core Humanitarian Certification

DisasterReady has partnered with Humanitarian U to provide an essential certification in core humanitarian skills, for FREE

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Start Earning Your Certification Today

The Core Humanitarian Certification is designed for aid workers anywhere in the world, at all levels, to demonstrate they have the competencies needed to perform humanitarian work safely and effectively. DisasterReady’s partnership with Humanitarian U gives you one location to prepare for certification, take the certification tests, and maintain certified status through continuing professional development — all at NO COST. 

Based on the Core Humanitarian Competency Framework and designed by experts in the sector, earners of this certification have demonstrated that they understand the fundamental aspects of humanitarian work. 

To earn the certification, you must achieve a passing score of 75% on four (4) online tests in the following areas:

Humanitarian Context, Systems and Standards
Building Blocks for Humanitarian Practice
Cross-Cutting Themes and Future Directions
Case Study: Online Disaster Response Simulation

Get started by logging into your DisasterReady account. Don’t have an account yet? Create your free account today.

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Achieving certification can advance your career, improve your organization, and strengthen your effectiveness as a professional. Invest in your skills and knowledge. Get started today.

Getting Started

Earning and maintaining your Core Humanitarian Certification is easy and 100% free

  1. Create your free DisasterReady account or login to your existing account.

  2. Use the Core Humanitarian Certification page to access the free tests.

  3. Prepare for the tests with free online courses. (Completing the online courses is optional.)

  4. Pass all 4 tests to receive a Certificate of Certification from Humanitarian U and verifiable digital badge on HPass.

  5. Maintain your certification in DisasterReady by completing 48 continuing professional development credits every two years (equal to 12 hours of learning at no cost). 

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