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Free Core Humanitarian Certification

Demonstrate your competence as a humanitarian professional and commitment to your professional development with this free certification program.

After you create your free DisasterReady account, search for Core Humanitarian Certification to start learning.

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 Certification • English • Free

What You Will Learn

The Core Humanitarian Certification is designed for people with little to no experience preparing to enter the humanitarian sector and for experienced humanitarian workers that want recognition for their skills and knowledge on core humanitarian essentials.

The optional training to help prepare you for the certification test covers the following topics:

  • Humanitarian Basics

  • International Legal Framework for Humanitarian Practice

  • Humanitarian Cross-Cutting Issues

  • Funding and Financing Humanitarian Aid

  • Grant Proposal Development

  • Humanitarian Project Cycle

  • Safety, Security, and Duty of Care

  • Information, Data, and Technology in the Humanitarian Sector

  • Professionalism in Humanitarian Work

Both the optional training and the test to achieve your Core Humanitarian Certification are 100% free and provided in English with Spanish, French, and Arabic coming soon. 


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آراء المتعلمين

"DisasterReady هو أفضل مكان يمكن فيه لموظف المساعدات الإنسانية أن يتعلم المعايير والممارسات لتحسين أدائه."

.Mahad B

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